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Virtua Girl Eileen is a statuesque diva with dark hair that borders on black and legs that go on forever. She is tall but her physique borders on the petite as she is a slender beauty. Eileen loves to tease men with her feet and she always makes sure they are perfectly pedicured. She prefers to trim instead of shave and her erotic dance will leave you satisfied yet wanting more and more.

Virtua Girl Eileen
Age: 24
Height: 5’5
Weight: 110

Virtua girl eileen is a tall stunner with jet black hair and legs that seem to go on forever. This virtua girl newbie can totally rock the cheerleader outfit because her smoking body could easily put her in any cheer squad.

That ultra mini skirt gives way to those long legs and the jersey adds to the slutty look. But the real treat is after the game when virtua Eileen gets totally naked and wants you to tackle her? Anyone up for a little contact??

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